installing decking

Just Floor-It installs Dek-Master®!

Installing vinyl coverings to your decking is a great solution for protecting your wood from the elements, and is made possible through various flooring product suppliers, including Dek-Master®.

Typically, the vinyl comes in rolls, much like linoleum rolls for indoor flooring.

Cut to size specifications of your deck, the vinyl is carefully laid on the clean, dry surface, folded over every edge, and finally glued to the existing wood underneath.

Ideally, and for best installation and optimal adhesion, the vinyl should be installed when the weather is warm and dry, or a constant heat source can be applied to your decking, to ensure a proper seal.

Once the vinyl is in place, and has been secured to your wooden deck surface, seams are heat-welded to ensure a long-lasting, weatherproof seal.

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